Why use a communication agency?

A communication agency is what? it communicates with whom? and why? we give you all the answers in this article



The communication agency

definitionA communication agency is a company responsible for developing internal and external communication of a company, community, association, organization ... according to wikipedia

What is external communication?

The external communication aims at the promotion from the company's image or the brand to

of an audience, example s of external communication: the website, social networks, business cards, a commercial brochure,...

What is internal communication?

The communication internal to another role in an organization it tends to bring together the staff of a company around the objectives For example the company newspaper.

What does a communication agency do?

communication agency must align its objectives with the client's expectations by taking into account several factors such as budget, sector of activity, time objectives and competition in the market.

Once all these factors are analyzed, she establishes a communication strategy. After a few exchanges and the validation of the customer, the communication agency sets up a communication plan. Then comes the distribution of the message(s) and the measurement of the performance of the communication action.

Who needs a communication agency? 

Companies from all sectors, government agencies, institutions, travel agencies, insurance agencies... and other actors in the field of services, liberal professionals, such as lawyers, notaries, doctors, pharmacists, distributors, industrial producers, craftsmen, stores and brands of all kinds. In general, all businesses need a communication agency to manage their external communications. Communication agencies In this article, we will see what a communication budget is composed of for each sector of activity.

Types of communication agencies

The term " Communication Agency "is a generic term that has become commonplace over the years and can now be used for all companies working in the communications and marketing sector.

In this crab basket, they can be classified in two main categories in the communication


01- Global communication agencies

This kind of agencies maitrisent upstream and downstream all the trades of the communication (there are more than a hundred trades in the com we will write soon an article about the trades of the communication) these agencies advise their customer in the advertising, the marketing, the management of the public relations, the management of crises...

02- Communication agencies specialized in one or more fields

The world of communication has many specialties, some agencies have specialized in specific areas. Global agencies often use specialized communication agencies.

There are 12 types of specialized agencies commonly found on the market:

  1. Creative Agencies
  2. Advertising Agency
  3. Multimedia Agency
  4. Media Agencies
  5. Web or Digital Agency
  6. Marketing Agency
  7. Print Agency
  8. Public relations agency
  9. Event Agency
  10. Consulting agency
  11. Operational marketing agency
  12. Market research and survey agency

What is the role of a communication agency?

A communication agency brings you its expertise in the various communication trades, it also brings you :

  • Analysis of your external and internal communication,
  • The development of your communication strategy,
  • The design and implementation of your communication plan,
  • Management and follow-up of the production (visual design, layout, integration, development, publication, promotion,...),

A communication agency listens to its client with the objective of proposing solutions according to its needs and its budget. It understands its marketing problems and advises and accompanies its client on all aspects of its communication.

What does a communications agency do externally?

A communication agency accompanies and advises its client to promote its image to the targeted public:

  • Customers and prospects,
  • Partners and suppliers.
  • The communication agency has as main missions :
  • To accompany its customer in the implementation of its communication strategy to enhance its image and develop its notoriety,
  • To set up communication actions to the target audience,
  • To propose communication supports and effective techniques in a minimum of time.

You will find below some details on the different actions that a  communication agency

  1. Advertising

    produces advertisements for its clients, buys space from media agencies and monitors the results.

  2. Graphic design

      a creative agency creates concepts, visual identities and communication documents for its clients.

  3. The media

    advises advertisers on media planning choices, and acts as an agent in advertising space purchasing procedures.

  4. The Web

    a web agency is specialized in the creation and the update of websites. It combines skills in development and graphic art. Its role is to propose you a web solution adapted to your project.

  5. Digital 

    Digital agencies cover all the communication needs of a company on the Internet.

  6. The Print: a print agency

    is specialized in paper communication: business cards, flyers, commercial brochures...

  7. Marketing

    a marketing agency defines all the actions aimed at studying and influencing the needs and behaviors of consumers. The techniques are numerous: web-marketing, remarketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, permission marketing,...

  8. Press and public relations

    Press relations: the press relations agency takes care of the press relations of its client. Public relations include methods and techniques used by interest groups such as states, political parties, unions, companies, etc. Events: the events agency specializes in the design and organization of events for professionals and individuals. (weddings, trade shows, fairs, previews,...)

To conclude, using a communication agency allows you to :

  • Benefit from expert advice in communication with a guarantee of results,
  • Take advantage of a support and a follow-up of your communication actions,
  • Save time and therefore money.

If you need to communicate, discover the activities and the achievements of our agency.

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