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At CREA BUZZ , we're passionate about the art of web design and firmly believe in the power of one-page sites. If you're looking to make a memorable first impression, captivate your visitors and communicate concisely, you've come to the right place.

Why choose a one-page site?

One-page sites are designed for a fluid, intuitive browsing experience. They allow you to present your message or product effectively, without requiring visitors to click through multiple pages. It's a modern, elegant way to showcase your company or project.

  • 1 dynamic page
  • hosting and domain name
  • responive design
  • Display optimization
  • contact form integrations
  • 2-month warranty
  • integration of links to your social networks
  • search engine registration

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We explain everything!

A one-page site, also known as a single-page website, is a form of website that presents all its content on a single page, meaning that visitors scroll vertically to access different sections, rather than navigating through separate pages. This simplified "one page" design promotes a fluid browsing experience, as users quickly find the information they need without clicking through multiple pages. A one-page site is ideal for succinct presentations, portfolios, unique products or specific events. This approach favors a visually engaging layout and can be an effective choice for concisely communicating your message.

 This involves incorporating the online store into an existing website or platform. It enables visitors to browse, select and purchase products or services directly on the site. Integration usually includes features such as shopping cart, product management and secure payments.

This involves providing training to the owners or employees of an online store so that they can use the platform effectively. Training typically covers product management, order tracking, inventory management and use of the administration panel.

 This means connecting Yalidin's delivery service to an online store to enable customers to choose this delivery option when making their purchase. Yalidin is a delivery service that can be integrated into an e-commerce site to facilitate the delivery of products to customers.

 This involves the task of creating and uploading product information to the online store database. This includes details such as name, description, price, images and other relevant information for each item, so that they are visible and available for purchase in the online store.

These pages are capable of adapting and changing content according to user interaction. For example, a website with 5 dynamic pages can display different information depending on the user's choices, offering a more personalized experience.

 Web hosting is the space on a server where your website is stored and accessible online. The domain name is the web address (e.g. : that allows users to find your site.

This means that your website is designed to automatically adapt to different screen sizes, such as those of computers, tablets and smartphones, ensuring an optimal user experience.

 It's all about making your website as efficient as possible in terms of design and content to maximize visual impact and user experience.

 This allows you to add forms to your website, facilitating communication with your visitors. Users can fill in these forms to ask questions, request information or leave comments.

 This means that the agency or service provider undertakes to provide support or make corrections free of charge for a period of two months after delivery of the website.

Search Engine Registration  This involves submitting your website to search engines such as Google, Bing, etc., so that they can index it and make it accessible to users when they perform online searches. This improves your site's visibility on the Internet.

This option lets you add more pages to your website, which is useful when you need to present more content or information.

 This involves integrating tools such as Google Analytics to track visitor behavior on your site, collect data on traffic, conversions and interactions, and thus improve your site's performance.

 Search engine optimization (SEO) improves your site's visibility on search engines by optimizing keywords, tags, images and other elements for higher rankings.

The Facebook pixel is a tool for tracking the actions of visitors to your website and measuring the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.

 This adds live chat functionality to your site, allowing visitors to ask questions in real time and get instant assistance.

This option extends the warranty period for the services provided, giving you additional peace of mind for a further year.

 Offer your website in several languages to reach a wider, international audience.

 This involves creating and managing a Google My Business listing for your business, enhancing your local presence on Google search results and maps.